I wanted to share with you some research I am co-authoring with Theresa Dawson and Judy Jackson! We are studying how the field of mobile technology in healthcare, known as mHealth, has the potential for enhancing the healthcare delivery systems of emerging countries.  



 A podcast about The New Digital Divide in Technology between the lower & middle socioeconomic class and the affluent in society -  PODCAST LINK


Nurse Marsha, The Learning Specialist podcasts about Technology Stress, Information Overload, and Self-Care  - LINK


Podcast on Health Technology, Telehealth, Robotic Surgery, and Remote ICU's


In Part one of this podcast, Nurse Marsha The Learning Specialist discusses professors in poverty.



Part one - A brief introductory podcast about Tweens Teens and Social Media and Learning


Part two - Discussion with Assistant Dean and Educator Susan Grayson Warren regarding Adolescents and Social Media


Hello All, I want to share with you my second podcast with Music Educator, Kay Bowen! We are talking about Primary Education and Music Technology.




Hello All, I wanted to share with you a brief inaugural podcast. I will be posting segments from time to time, and I hope you listen and weigh in when you can!  


I was given the task to learn something new in one of my doctoral courses this fall.  The aim of the assignment was to learn something you always wanted to learn outside of work, in other words, something completely new and out of my comfort zone.  I chose the harmonica. I made a video of my experience and here it be...


Learning Something New!!



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