I was given the task to learn something new in one of my doctoral courses this fall.  The aim of the assignment was to learn something you always wanted to learn outside of work, in other words, something completely new and out of my comfort zone.  I chose the harmonica. I made a video of my experience and here it be...


Learning Something New!!



Human-Machine Partnerships will emerge as commonplace in many sectors of human existence very soon, are we ready for this inevitable change??






The Doctor of Education Program this Spring at Pepperdine University is starting out with a Big Bang!!  I am having a great time learning in all of my courses. Here are two projects from my Law and Resolution course with Prof. Gregory McNair and a Motivational Terrain from my Virtual Learning and Collaboration course with Dr. Lani Fraizer!!


Separation of Church and State, Really?


Influence and Persuasion


Motivational Terrain

This past fall I began my journey in the Doctor of Education Program at Pepperdine University. I am having a blast an want to share with you some of the work I have completed in my Learning Technologies Doctoral Program at Pepperdine University with one of my collaborators in my cohort, Francesca Nesfield






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