I have been intrigued by the Netflix show, Black Mirror. The 4th Episode in season 4, Hang the DJ, (Harry's, 2018), uses five sense immersion technology with an embedded smart personal matchmaking application, named Coach, to aid lonely people to find love via a system that builds a profile for individuals who go through numerous time limited simulated dates. The system using a Siri like coach guides the prospective lovers through the dating process and data is gathered utilizing cookie like technology about the individuals to aid users in finding “the one.” The system is 99.8% effective, but the app users go through a toilsome existence to discover their perfect match, losing memories along the way of who they were or where they came from outside of the system. At the end of the episode, it is discovered by the viewer that it is all a simulation which led the protagonists to be put together on an actual date, in the real world, kind of an E-Harmony on steroids. The web expansion and web of thought logic of this episode show where internet dating might trend in the future, five sense immersion virtual simulated dates with intimacy, coitus, pain, and heartache through a simulated technological system, WoW what fun?! I think?


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