WoW, Virtual Clinical Simulation is a form of online situated learning that is effective for healthcare professionals to critically think, interact, and provide quality, safe care to patients without leaving their home.

It is argued that authentic learning is situated and knowledge is embedded within an activity, context, and a culture, (Lave and Wegner,1990). Education is unintentional rather than deliberate.  Learning is what Lave and Wenger call a process of "legitimate peripheral participation."

Traditionally in the nursing field, situated learning has been defined as clinical integrative teaching in all health care settings where students can interact with healthcare professionals and patients in clinical environments that foster critical thinking, reasoning, and role socialization, (Benner, 2012 ).  As technology has the advanced students has been exposed to various digital experiences that have aided them in fostering complex thinking beyond the traditional didactic offerings, (Feng, 2013).

Virtual clinical simulations allow students to experience complex healthcare and enhances learners’ knowledge and associate and associated abilities through a variety of activities, (Feng, 2013). Students who interact with virtual patients in a designed situation may avoid unnecessary risks and encounters with real patients

Example of a virtual clinical simulations


Virtual Nursing Simulator

One of my hopes is to produce a virtual simulation of this incredible game based on systems theory called Friday Night in the ER.  I am a Certified Facilitator of this simulation gaming experience that illustrates how a system's efficiency is based on its complexity, adaptability, and cohesiveness, (Gardner, 1985).   A virtual simulation of this situated learning experience would be valuable to any entity that understands that excellence stems from collaboration, unity, and community. I spoke to the creator of this life-changing gaming experience about a digital application, and she responded, UGH, been there, YIKES!!

Please take a look-see

Friday Night in the ER


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