About Renaissance Nurse -

In essence, the Renaissance was simply the green end of one of civilization's hardest winters.

~John Fowles~

Dr. Marsha E. Nickerson is a Registered Nurse, Educator, Learning Technologist, and Musician. Her purpose in life is to spread love and positivity. She is a member of the Nickerson Sisters of Los Angeles and has performed all over the globe professionally with the vocal group for over 25 years. Marsha is a Faculty Member at Mount Saint Mary's University in the Nursing Department.  

Marsha's Music -


Saturday Night

Trust In Me (The Python Song) By Robert B. and Richard M. Sherman, Arranged By Kay F. Bowen 3:37

September Song  By  Maxwell Anderson and Kurt Weill, Arranged by Marsha E. Nickerson 4:11

I Dreamed A Dream By Claude-Michel Schönberg, Arranged by Bradley Baker  4:20

Sunday Morning

Come Sunday By Duke Ellington, Arranged by Robert Johnson and Kay Bowen 3:59

Deep River An African American Spiritual, Arranged By Kay Bowen and Marsha E. Nickerson 3:16

God is Peace By Anonymous 2:14

Executive Producers: Kay F. Bowen and Marsha E. Nickerson

Producers: Kay F. Bowen and Bradley Baker

Saturday Night Sunday Morning Project Personnel -

Personnel and Acknowledgements!

Vocals: Marsha E. Nickerson

Background Vocals: Kay F. Bowen

Piano: Robert Johnson

Bass: Michael Parnell

Cello: Marly Gonzalez and Teresa Rokos

Violin: Darius Dudley

Drums: Tom Weir

Percussion: Danae Bowen, Emily Bowen, Kay F. Bowen, Darius Dudley, Rachel Erickson, Marly Gonzalez, Teresa Rokos, Tom Weir

Vocal Master Coach: Bradley Baker

Photo Artists: Antoinette Brown and Rachel Erickson

Hair Stylist: Lee A. Harvey

Recorded @ Studio City Sound by Tom Weir

Acknowledgments: I wish to first thank Bradley Baker for encouraging me to record a CD, without your support and positivity I would not have attempted this endeavor. Your mastery and passion for music inspired me to do this and I thank you!!!  I also wish to thank Kay F. Bowen for signing on as my arranger and producer. Kay, I cannot thank you enough for your passion, creativity, and leadership on this project.  I wish to thank all of the musical and artistic personnel that aided us in this creative process; you were all patient, positive and fun!! Thank you, Tom Weir, for your incredible studio, drumming, cuteness, and vegetable soup!! I wish to thank all of my family, friends and professional colleagues at Mount Saint Mary’s University for your support but I have to especially thank Cheryl Ascione, Bradley Baker, Bryan T. Bowen, Kay Bowen, Carla Brown, Lee Ambra Harvey, Josette Martial, J. Eileen McArow, Colleen Pierre- Louis, Gena Ponticelli, Susan Warren, Rosa Valenzuela-Doty, and Charles A. Zacharie for your enduring friendship, prayers, and constant positive support!! Despite my craziness, you deal with me!!  I Thank You, God for All and Everything~

This album is lovingly dedicated to Gerald Lee Nickerson and Frances Haynes Nickerson.  I will be forever grateful for our time together and you will never be forgotten!


Renaissance Nurse

Dr. Marsha E. Nickerson


Learning Technologist


Registered Nurse





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